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Book Review: Say It Again, Marcia!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Portland author Marcia Riefer Johnston has a new book out, You Can Say That Again, an exploration of the fun and frustration of redundancy, duplication, and wordiness.

She acknowledges up front that there’s a time for redundancy — an important point for a contrarian like me — but her lists of redundant phrases are a wake-up call for the sleepy, lazy, tiresome redundancy that comes from inattention or from just having a hard time deciding which word I really want to use.

You Can Say That Again comes on the heels of her first writing book, Word Up, which garnered great reviews for its engaging style and good advice.

You Can Say That Again is not some tedious tome (OK, I’ll stop) but a lightweight and light-hearted book you can flip through in few-minute bursts that will sharpen your thinking about writing.

Review by Jan Bear.

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