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Uncharted Territory

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

In Rae Richen’s debut novel, Uncharted Territory, Jack Huntington is a track star and a mountain climber — both skills he shares with his famous and demanding father. Early in his seventeenth year, a climb with his father in the Oregon Cascades turns into a disaster, nearly killing Jack and threatening to destroy his family. While recovering, Jack must develop the courage to confront his emotionally remote father and forge a relationship with him.

What Others Say about Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory is a remarkable novel, evoking with fresh insight, the complexity and fragility of families, of relationships, and of life itself. It’s heartwrenching, funny, profoundly real, and unforgettable – a book that will have a long afterlife.

-Molly Gloss, author of The Hearts of Horses

Uncharted Territory is the story of a son and father who face challenges in the physical world with skill and great strength, and who must learn to do the same with the people they love, including each other. Told in fast-paced meaty prose, this story pulls the reader along from harrowing adventure to adventure, with sensitivity and an eye for beautiful detail. A great read for teens and parents both, especially when shared.

-Jennie Shortridge, author of Love Water Memory, and of When She Flew

Rae Richen writes with a deft touch that penetrates the reader long after the book hits the shelf for the night. Her story is deep and rich, with a voice not unlike a young John Irving. Highly recommended.

-Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering, Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing

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